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The APTUR - Portuguese Tourismology Association, is a professional and scientific association. Its ultimate objective is to contribute to the scientific valorization and for the proper deontologic conduct of the tourism professionals, as well as promote the progress through study, reflection, discussion and dissemination of a interdisciplinary articulation from the several sciences.

APTUR is responsible for:

a) Stimulate a multidisciplinary approach of the issues of the scope of tourism by providing a forum for tourism professionals of diverse backgrounds and sectors with an active intervention on behalf of the tourism science

b) Contribute to the quality of tourism in the fields of scientific research and training of human resources;

c) Contribute to the professional value of scientific research and training of human resources;

d) Developing initiatives leading to an increasingly interdisciplinary of scientific studies;

e) Developing initiatives to promote the applicability of scientific research in the tourism sector;

f) Support the activities of their members in initiatives related to the previous goals through editorial action and participation in national and international forums about scientific research in tourism.

g) Promote the exchange of ideas and experiences among members and with similar organizations, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary cooperation in the training field, scientific research or professional practice;

h) To promote courses, internships, seminars, symposiums, congresses, conferences, meetings, exhibitions and similar activities;

i) Promote the establishment of awards and scholarships;

j) Organizing and developing library and information services;

k) Promote and sponsor the edition of publications accordding with its objectives that contribute to a better public awareness about the implications and relevance of Sciences of Tourism;

l) Promote the improvement of the nature of rules of ethics;

m) Cooperate with teachers and students of universities, institutes and other levels of education in all initiatives aimed at training and research in Tourism;

n) Assuming duties of representation and intervention in the context of Sciences of Tourism;

o) Provide collaboration to official entities or public interest in areas and issues that contribute to credibility of Tourism as an autonomous science.

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Favourite Destinations
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