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The ART&TUR is therefore an innovative multicultural event, which includes a wide range of activities supporting the development of creative industries and tourism films, namely:

• Cinema: Showcase of the best documentary , advertising and promotional tourism films worldwide (with over 40 countries represented)

• Artistic Exhibitions: photography, sculpture , painting

• Workshops , gatherings, aiming the sharing of experiences

• Arts, Music , Dance

International Conference of Cinema and Tourism

It seems indisputable that the Cinema strongly influences tourism. However, only recently the relationship between cinema and tourism began to be systematic and careful studies by researchers. The creation of strategies for tourism development based on supporting the audiovisual industry and cinematographic production has proven a successful bet. Nevertheless, scientific research on the relationship between cinema and tourism is only now beginning to surface.

These are therefore some of the analytical perspectives that have already been addressed in the framework of the Conference about Cinema and Tourism, particularly in the edition of 2011, with the participation of some of the Europe's leading experts in this field.
In 2011, we will continue on the path of research on this topic, always based on the contribution of some of the best experts in these areas.

One of the main objectives of APTUR, such as a contribution to the institutionalization of the sciences of Tourism in Portugal, has been their commitment to publishing tourism technical and scientific books in its various academic aspects.

First of all, we highlight the book Tourism Imaginary and Travel Sociabilities by Rachid Amirou. A book where the author offers us a new vision for addressing the study of tourism and leisure.
The second publication of APTUR, took place with the edition of the book The Future of Tourism, publication that relies on contributions of several authors and researchers of tourism. Thus, this work reflects the diversity that the multidisciplinary scientific field of Tourism is now.

TOURBOOKS - 1st Online Bookstore Tourism Books

One of the main objectives of APTUR, as a contribution to the institutionalization of the sciences of tourism in Portugal, as been its investment in publishing technical and scientific tourism books in its various academic aspects.
In this sense, APTUR in pursuing its main objective, propose to constitute an online meeting place for those who investigate and think tourism, lace where they can find several national and international publications in the most technical and scientific aspects of tourism.
Not to mention all those who like to travel where they can find in TOURBOOKS several promotional and tourist destinations books, maps, among others.
TOCREA Call For Papers
TOCREA Call For Papers
Call for Films ART&TUR 2016
Call for Films ART&TUR 2016
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