Video Games – the Good and the Bad

Video games have been enjoyed for many years since the early days of Space Invaders and Pac-Man. Children, teenagers and adults alike all enjoy playing video games and even for those who don’t enjoy them, they still know of them! But have you ever wondered about whether video games are bad for us? Or good for us? Let’s have a look at the reasons why many of us play video games to begin with.

“We play Video Games For Our Own Entertainment.”

The good side of this is that as long as they keep producing fun, enjoyable games, people will never become bored as long as they keep buying new games or can still find enjoyment in playing the old classics over and over. People buying new video games all the time is great for the video game industry as well.

However the negative side is that as soon as you become bored with one game you have to go out and buy another one to amuse yourself, which can become expensive over time, depending on how hard you are to satisfy. After buying a new game a few times when you’ve been bored it may naturally develop into a habit or “urge” to always want to buy or try a new video game whenever you become bored. At this stage you know you have an addiction!

“Video Games are great for When we have Parties.”

The Upside of having video games around at a party is that it will keep your guests entertained and stop them from becoming bored. Ever if they aren’t playing , at least it will give them something to watch or talk about. Video games can be a fun group activity and can also help start conversation or liven up a dull atmosphere.

The Downside of having video games at a party is that it may encourage guests to hide away from everyone else, or encourage anti-social behavior. People may also argue over who gets to play next, or who gets to be player one etc. As childish as this may sound it can be enough to ruin a great party if things get out of control, especially if alcohol is involved.

“Video Games are a Way of Socializing.”

Many online games are strongly based around working as a team to achieve a goal. These games require players to communicate with each other either via a keyboard, or microphone to achieve the best possible teamwork. While this can teach people teams skills it can also be a very enjoying social activity and people can make new friends, or meet new people from all over the world.

However many other games don’t have such a strong emphasis on communication and teamwork. If the games is a challenge and is addictive, players may isolate themselves from their normal everyday lives and become immersed in their new-found hobby. Team work skills may also diminish because of this and be replaced by a “One-Man Army” or “Lone-Wolf” approach to things, especially among males. Although it is a very dramatic exaggeration it is not far from possible at all.

“I like to sit back, relax and play video games.”

Video games to a lot of people can be a way to relax after a hard day’s work and for others can be an exciting or thrilling experience of live baccarat online with a UX graphics user interface because of the processor which has 64 bit of architecture. If video games help to relax you then they can have many positive effects towards your overall well-being, where as if video games give you a rush of energy and adrenaline they can be a good safe place to release your powerful inner feelings, perhaps by shooting at enemy soldiers or slaying evil monsters?

However over-indulging in either of the above, relaxing or releasing inner feelings can lead to you becoming physically unhealthy from relaxing too much or becoming psychotic and aggressive from getting one too many headshots.

All in all, like everything in life there are the good and the bad, more than often it is just a matter of how we deal with things. It’s always best to have things in moderation, including video games.

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Lora Fox a creative writer and a tech geek. She is fascinated by the evolution of technology and its integration in the casino industry.