What Do the Casinos Know About You?

Do they say that casinos are Number One in customer service, but is it more than that? Casinos have proven over and over again that if they know more about their customers, they can target and profile those that will make the most money for them. When they’re comping rooms and drinks or asking about how your wife likes her new job, do you stop to ask yourself how well the casinos know you, and why they go to such efforts? If they know what types of games you like and what your financial situation is, they can milk far more money from your wallet by providing plain old customer service. This is where online gaming is much better for amateurs as they do not face such issues as they enjoy and learn about their favorite game on gaming websites like ufabet

The purpose of casinos getting to know their customers is simple: It helps them make more money. When they know which games you enjoy playing, they can help suggest new games you might enjoy. When they provide you with free hotel rooms, meals, and show tickets, they encourage you to return, and we all know that the House stands to win most of the time. The more you play, the more money rolls into the casino, and their customers think that they simply appreciate the patronage. I’m all for great customer service, but in an age where we have to worry about databases and identity theft, how much do you want the casinos to know about you?

There are a few ways in which casinos can collect data on their frequent customers and especially high rollers. One of those methods was started by Harrah’s Entertainment in the late nineties. They rolled out what is now called the Total Rewards program, which gives their most important customers (currently estimated at more than 20 million) a card that earns them points. When they play games, they either insert the card into a slot or provide it to the table employee to slide. That information is then recorded in the casino’s database and you earn your way toward more freebies. It might seem like you both win, but the casino is profiting more than you are from this system.

Once the data is collected from the loyalty cards, it is compared with key demographics and other public databases to give the casino employees a real-time understanding of how to treat that particular customer. The system is so advanced that, by the time you’ve handed over your card at a table and seated yourself to play a game of Blackjack, the attendant at the table will now your betting strategy, how much you’ve won or lost before and how valuable you are to the casino. All of that information can be transported in a matter of seconds. The database runs 24/7 because casinos never close.

There is one positive side to all of this, based on an article written by CNN’s Kim Nash in July of 2003. Apparently casinos don’t share their information with other businesses or sources. They prefer to use the information to their advantage but won’t compromise their edge or their customer’s privacy by selling, renting or distributing that information. So even though every employee at Harrah’s might know how many children you have and how much money you make every year, you can be pretty confident in the knowledge that your dry cleaners aren’t privy to that same information.

Gambling And Adventure ‘” Two Reasons For Booking Flights To Singapore

A Singapore holiday spoils one for choice. With travel and tourism being an indispensable part of the Singaporean identity, the country has emerged as a highly popular holiday destination. Although, there is no dearth of attractions in Singapore, new forms of attractions keep mushrooming up. Adventure and gambling are just two such instances. Take a look at these two Singapore holiday activities.

Resorts World Sentosa

The Resorts World Sentosa is absolutely not to be missed if you are taking flights to Singapore. The Resorts World Casino, the oldest Asia gaming operator owns and operates the place. A visit to the Resorts World Casino gives guests the chance to try their luck over a variety of options like table games, electronic games, and slots. In fact, Resorts World Sentosa is slowly emerging as a major reason for booking flights to Singapore as besides gambling, one can also check out major attractions like Universal Studios Singapore, Maritime Xperiential Museum, FestiveWalk, and Marine Life Park.

Marina Bay Sands

Most gambling enthusiasts booking cheap flights to Singapore make it a point to visit the Marina Bay Sands as well. There are over 1600 slot machines offering more than 250 game titles and themes. One can also try out the different table games like Money Wheel and Roulette. Popular games include Sic-Bo, Singapore Stud Poker, and Non Commission Baccarat. For some fast paced action, try out the Rapid Table Games.

Snow City

Booking cheap flights to Singapore can also treat you to some adventurous snowy delights and the place for these delights is Snow City. The top lure of Snow City is the huge snowy slope where guests get to throw snowballs and hurtle down this immense slope on a black inner tube. While going on a Snow City tour, many travellers also take the two hour lessons on skiing and snowboarding offered at the Snow Line.


The Ski360° is a fine spot for some exotic water sporting adventures during one’s Singapore holiday. Travellers who want to experience some serious action without being bothered by crowds should visit during weekday mornings as the place is pretty isolated. Sporting options include water skiing, knee boarding, or wakeboarding.

Jungle Trekking

Jungle trekking is also a popular Singapore adventure travel attraction and the most favoured trek is the one to the Bukit Timah Hill. This hill is the highest point in Singapore and offers magnificent sweeping views of the landscape. Rare birds, the country’s last surviving rainforests, insect eating pitcher plants, and flying femurs are some of the fabulous sights to be witnessed on a jungle trek.

Reverse Bungee

The Reverse Bungee experience may well become one of the most sensational parts of Singapore’s tourism sector. One gets to slice up to a height of some 60 metres at the incredible speed of 200 km per hour. Guests also experience a G-force of five, which is akin to what astronauts on rocket launches undergo.

Quite frankly, gambling is an adventure in itself as it involves thrills, excitement and nervousness where you don’t know where you will end up at the end of the day whether it is judi online or blackjack.

Poker Buddies With Benefits

A Tarot room is a small room full of card playing. Hank was once a married man. He is now homeless. Hank got kicked out of the house by his wife because he thought she had a crazy disease. He decided to tell her crazy was not for him. All of Hank’s Sakongkiu poker buddies joined him at the Tarot room. He stayed at their house whenever he could. His buddies never saw anything like the Tarot card tricks. The Tarot reader had card tricks up her sleeve for them to make a small fortune. They knew they could really crack the code and create magic at the poker table. Healing angels were turned to aces and spades that really fooled the mind.

These men thought they were just seeing things.

They left the Tarot reader a pretty dime and thanked her for their reading. She saw many dimes their way. Hank started to get trailed everywhere by dimes. He would pick them up and put them in his pocket. He went to buy cocoa one day at the gas station next door to the Tarot room. It was a very cold day. Hank used sympathy to get money from people. Hank did a great job schmoozing people as a bum. He went back next door and schmoozed the poor old Tarot lady for more card tricks for poker.

Hank heard of the march of dimes but he did not hear of getting followed by a trail of dimes and posing as a bum for a small fortune. He still went from house to house with his poker buddies. Hank was told to stay away from meat. He was told a beautiful Vegan would come his way. His buddies poked fun of him and made bean jokes.

They were repulsive.

It gave them smelly gas that made the gasoline at the gas station smell good. When the Tarot card reader told Hank she did not poke fun of Vegans he told her she was crazy too. He left and made a small fortune off of a deck of cards and schmoozed people at the gas station. He loved his life as a bum on the couch of poker houses. Hank was full of magical dimes and never forgot his Tarot card reader’s crazy chimes.

Win at Craps when Casinos Are Using Cards

Craps is a game that is usually played with dice but some casinos use cards, which is why you will want to know how to win at craps when casinos use cards. Fortunately, you can actually learn how to beat the casinos whenever they do use cards. This is not difficult to do. Put $50 on the pass line. Make sure to choose full double odds. You must keep in mind whenever you are playing craps when casinos use cards that the card shuffler actually increases the likelihood that a 7 will be “rolled.” So, if you have $150, this is a great bet to make because the casino’s edge will be less than 1.4%. Even if you lose money by making this wager when you play craps when casinos use cards, you will still make out as long as your bets are consistent. If you don’t have this much money though, you can always decrease your bet. Although you always have the option of improving you game by playing online on gaming websites like situs poker online, where you can hone your skills and get better at different card games.

Wager $100 by placing $50 on the 6 and $50 on the 8. The idea is the same as the aforementioned idea about craps when casinos use cards. However, now the probability is increased for them to roll a 6, 7 or 8. This is a pattern that most dice don’t follow but it will allow you to win at craps when casinos use cards.

You wager to lose at most $150 when you follow this method and play craps when casinos use cards. This will only happen when 7 hits while you are playing craps when casinos use cards but remember that this is a very slim chance. The odds are actually in your favor if you play craps when casinos use cards and you use this strategy. Usually, you will hit the 6 and 8. This happens 10 out of 35 times. The 7 will hit 6 times.

When a 6 or 8 hits, take the other number down, along with its profit. If you do this while playing craps when casinos use cards you will only have $50 riding on the other number. The extra money that you have already made will cover the other number.

When another 6 or 8 hits, take the other number down. This leaves you with only $150 being risked on the table while playing craps when casinos use cards. If a 7 should happen to hit now while you are playing craps when casinos use cards, then you’ll only lose $50 since the 6 and the 8 will have already paid for the bed that you made while playing craps when casinos use cards.

This is how you win at craps when casinos use cards. If you follow this aforementioned formula for playing craps when casinos use cards, you could actually win more than $300. Once you win craps when casinos use cards, make sure that you tip the dealer.

Review: Ho-Chunk Casino in Wisconsin Dells

A few weeks ago, I realized my wedding anniversary was coming up and, since it had been about three years since my wife and I got to go away on a romantic weekend vacation together, I decided to plan one.

I originally had planned on getting a room at one of the resorts a short driving distance from here. But, just before calling for a reservation, I remembered the Ho-Chunk Casino in Wisconsin Dells and decided to check out their web site to see if they had anything special going on. And, when I saw they had the band .38 Special performing with Bo Bice (one of my wife’s favorite singers); we made plans to go there instead.

I did not regret this decision.

Unfortunately, by the time I made my plans, the hotel attached to the casino was already booked and we had to make other sleeping arrangements. But, even though we didn’t spend the entire night there, we had an excellent time.

The last time we visited Ho-Chunk Casino was about three years ago (another anniversary trip); before my wife became pregnant with our second daughter. In that time, the casino really hasn’t changed a whole lot. There is a good mix of games ranging from slot machines (the only thing we played) to card games, bingo and even an off-track betting area (something I thought about visiting but decided not to).

One of the things I liked about this casino is it offers a selection that is attractive to people of all incomes. My wife and I focused on playing only the penny and nickel slot machines. But, there were also machines that allowed you to bet up to several dollars at a time. And, even though it was crowded in the casino at times, we had no problem finding at least one free machine.

My biggest concern entering the casino was obviously losing my money. Personally, the idea of losing it wasn’t all that big of a deal since I always stick to a set amount I’m willing to lose. But, I was afraid I would be out of money after only a few minutes. That, however, was not the case. We actually came out ahead (winning enough to pay for our motel room and meals) but, even when we were losing, it was at a slower pace so, even if we had lost it all, we would have at least had fun playing.

When we weren’t gambling, the casino offered plenty of other things to do. I mentioned before that we had concert tickets and, at 7 p.m., we watched the bands perform in the ball room and enjoyed every minute of that (my wife was thrilled when she was allowed near the stage and got to touch Bo Bice’s hand). There was also a gift shop (which had a limited selection but decent prices) and several restaurants to choose from ranging from an all-you-can-eat buffet to a fine dining establishment. And, if you couldn’t find anything in the gift shop, there were hand-made Native American items available in the main lobby area (I bought my wife a set of earrings for $15).

I did have a couple complaints about the casino. For one, even though there was a decent selection of restaurants, the Wo Zha Wa Sports Bar was the only one that seemed to be open when we were hungry. The one diner was only open for breakfast through early afternoon. The buffet would close for an hour or two between meals and the fine dining restaurant (which requested reservations on Saturdays) didn’t open until 5 p.m. If nothing else, it would have been nice if the buffet (which we did get to try the next morning at breakfast and loved) was open all day without shutting down.

Another thing I didn’t like about the casino was the large number of drunk people walking around it about 9 or 10 p.m and after that plays the 사설토토사이트 video games in virtual mode which gives an realistic experience of playing the game in a ground and the sound system is also fine of the portal.

This isn’t really a complaint because , as I said before, this was my fault for waiting until the last second to make plans. However, if you do decide to visit this casino and plan on staying overnight, make every effort to get a room there. Even though the motel I ended up staying at was cheaper (about half the price), I found driving to and from the motel (about a half hour each way) wasn’t a pleasant experience; especially at night and I would have gladly paid more for the convenience of staying right there (especially since we really didn’t stay at our motel all that much).
. I’m not sure if that’s a normal occurrence or not (some of them were likely drinking at the concert) and I don’t really blame the casino for them being drunk since people need to take responsibility for their own actions. However, I did wonder why there wasn’t more security around and more of an effort to remove some of the ones that were either about to pass out, being a little too rowdy or walking into the wrong bathroom (some guy walked into the women’s room when my wife was in there).

If you are planning a weekend vacation in Wisconsin and are looking for something fun to do; I would recommend the Ho-Chunk Casino in Wisconsin Dells. In fact, I’m making plans to go there again on our next anniversary.