Tiger vs Bear which slot game is best?

TIGER vs. BEAR is an online video slot developed by MICROGAMING. The theme of this game is a Siberian standoff between these huge two creatures. The graphics are very detailed and the sound effects are quite impressive.

The symbols on the reels consist of 9’s, 10’s, J’s, Q’s, K’s and A’s. Other symbols include Snow Flake Crystals, Leaves, Bears and Tigers. The Bear and the Tiger both have the same value.

The WILD symbol is with the word Wild and is therefore quite easy to spot on the reel. The TIGER vs. BEAR symbol is the SCATTER symbol and the Wild symbols substitute all other symbols on the reels apart from these Scatters.

When the Tiger appears anywhere on reel 1 and the bear appears anywhere on reel 5 (or the opposite way around) it will trigger the main SIBERIAN BATTLE Bonus Feature.

All you have to do is choose either the Tiger or the Bear and they will both then go into battle mode. If you happened to pick the Tiger and he wins, you will instantly be awarded 8 in the TIGER Free Spins Feature. Otherwise you will be awarded just 4 Free Spins. The best online poker and gambling site will get the 안전 놀이터 from Toto website for effective and potential benefits. The availability of the coins is there with the best website to enhance the experience of the players.  The placing of the bets is with the skills and intelligence of the people at the slot machines.

If you initially chose the bear and the bear wins, you will be awarded a x2 MULTIPLIER for the BEAR CLAW feature.

During the Bear Claw feature, a mini bonus game is played out on a different screen. All you have to do is keep on picking until you reveal a stopper. All prizes will then be added to your balance and you will be transported back to the reels to continue with regular play. If you happened to pick the bear during the Tiger vs. Bear trigger and you won, all of your prizes will be doubled.

You can place a bet on this slot from mas little as 0.25 coins up to a maximum of 100.00 coins per spin (based on betting the maximum number of lines per spin).

You can adjust your line-bet, coin value and the amount of paylines that you want to play by using the player controls that are located just beneath the reels.

There is an Autoplay feature available in the expert mode which has various different settings. You can choose a pre-selected number of autospins, allowing up to a maximum of 500. Autoplay will stop once you have reached a bonus feature.

Players can also adjust other in-play settings such as the sound options, quick spin and the quality of the graphics, which is handy of you are using a slow computer

This game can be launched instantly without having to install any casino software on to your computer, plus it is also available in either the free play demo mode or in the real cash mode.

Tiger vs. Bear is a pretty mediocre slot, but there is plenty of action to keep the average player entertained for long enough. This game is now available at various Microgaming-powered portals.

know-poker How to play the games?

Poker4ever has been a favourite site since I first began playing there. It is a well run and easy to use poker room.

The site is one of my top recommendations for those new to online poker, or who want a new room to enjoy fresh challenges at. The primary focus is on Texas Hold’em with most of the play found at the lower buy-in levels although Poker4ever do still have a number of higher buy-in players regularly attending. I play at Poker4ever when I fancy a low buy-in Sit and Go tournament or to take part in their guaranteed tournaments that often see good overlays.

Despite being one of the smaller sites it is conscientiously run by the support team. I recently had a cash-out error issue (my mistake) which was sorted by their excellent email support within 24 hours between Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Poker4ever is still an emerging site but, as part of the Everleaf Gaming Network, they commonly attract enough real money players during peak hours to provide plenty of opposition to test your skills. Online games can be played with the intelligence of the players to get the highest payouts. The availability of real money is there to get the desired benefits with less effort. The concentration of the players should be on improving the winning chances with safe means at Pkv Games online site. 

The last six months has seen a steady increase of real money ring game players. With such good care taken of their customers and well proportioned tournament structures, Poker4ever looks to be a site that will gain ground quickly.

Poker4ever offer a limited selection of Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo games plus some 7 Card Stud action, all played in various standard fixed limit, pot limit and no limit betting structures.

 From the lobby

Poker4ever have one of the cleanest lobbies around. Eight clearly marked side tabs let players select any of the four poker ring game formats on offer (Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and 7 Card Stud). They can also select Multi Table Tournaments, Sit and Go Tournaments, Steps, (entry to major events via a series of SnG’s) and a very useful Most Popular tab which takes players to where the ring game action is.

Three major horizontal tabs select Fixed Limit, No Limit/Pot Limit and Practice chips in the ring game selection and quickly filter games in the Tournament, Sit and Go and Steps areas.

Each of the ring game and tournament selections can be further sorted by sub tabs to other requirements.

 Sit and Go tournaments

Sit and go players will find many games in the $0.11 to $ 5.50 buy-in range beginning at regular intervals plus a number of higher buy-ins taking place as well. These games are all no limit Texas Hold’em and are most popular on six seat tables. 

 Scheduled tournaments

The scheduled tournaments are well attended with a good mix of satellites and regular games to choose from. Typically their $700 guaranteed NLH attracts over 50 players at a $5.50 buy-in, and higher buy-in players will go for the $4,000 guaranteed where up to 100 players will commit the $27.50 entry. There are plenty of $1.10, $2.20 and $3.30 regular tournaments on offer too.

The total player numbers at Poker4ever cannot compete with the major sites and it is right that by limiting the number and choice of games they do not try to do that; this means, what is on offer is just enough. They have found their place and work well at improving it

This is not a site that requires players submitting several hours to tournament play only to bubble, it is one that just gets on with it and works

 Ring games

Cash table play begins with blind levels at $0.05/0.10 with plenty of action on these and tables up to $3/6. As standard the best attended games happen at the Hold’em tables but those wanting to play Omaha will find good company.

 At the table

The table layout is simple, quick to follow and has a choice of avatars to represent the players. Action buttons allow players to place bets at pre-set amounts either by a flat call or pot size raise; they may also use the slider to increase bets, or may enter any bet amount in a text window (provided limits allow)

Common check boxes allow players to sit out, fold to any bet and auto-post their blinds. In-play check boxes give players the opportunity to pre-set a betting action if they make an early decision.

An information area gives player stats, plus has dedicated tabs for player notes, table options and support.

The table dealer avatar can be changed for one of four models whose commentary at first seems a little too much, but players soon appreciate the clear call when it is their time for action. The countdown timer encourages players to make their decisions promptly keeping the action flowing.


Quick’ ‘Mega’ and ‘Monster’ sign up and first deposit bonuses are on offer from Poker4ever, with a generous 60 days to earn the PokerPoints needed to release the bonus.

The bonus Q50 is a 100% up to $50 sign up and first deposit bonus. Earn 12 times the bonus amount in PokerPoints within 60 days after the deposit in order to get the bonus. It will be paid out in 10 parts.

The Mega bonus M200 is a 100% up to $200 sign up and first deposit bonus. Earn 16 times the bonus amount in PokerPoints within 60 days after the deposit in order to get the bonus.

The Monster bonus Mon500 is a 100% up to $500 sign up and first deposit bonus. Earn 20 times the bonus amount in PokerPoints within 60 days after the deposit in order to get the bonus.

For an exclusive $40 bonus arranged for you by know-poker.com, use bonus code: kp40inst


Poker4ever is a well run, emerging site which you will enjoy playing at. If, like many, you want to find good tournaments at a friendly site, Poker4ever has much to offer.

Gambling And Adventure ‘” Two Reasons For Booking Flights To Singapore

A Singapore holiday spoils one for choice. With travel and tourism being an indispensable part of the Singaporean identity, the country has emerged as a highly popular holiday destination. Although, there is no dearth of attractions in Singapore, new forms of attractions keep mushrooming up. Adventure and gambling are just two such instances. Take a look at these two Singapore holiday activities.

Resorts World Sentosa

The Resorts World Sentosa is absolutely not to be missed if you are taking flights to Singapore. The Resorts World Casino, the oldest Asia gaming operator owns and operates the place. A visit to the Resorts World Casino gives guests the chance to try their luck over a variety of options like table games, electronic games, and slots. In fact, Resorts World Sentosa is slowly emerging as a major reason for booking flights to Singapore as besides gambling, one can also check out major attractions like Universal Studios Singapore, Maritime Xperiential Museum, FestiveWalk, and Marine Life Park.

Marina Bay Sands

Most gambling enthusiasts booking cheap flights to Singapore make it a point to visit the Marina Bay Sands as well. There are over 1600 slot machines offering more than 250 game titles and themes. One can also try out the different table games like Money Wheel and Roulette. Popular games include Sic-Bo, Singapore Stud Poker, and Non Commission Baccarat. For some fast paced action, try out the Rapid Table Games.

Snow City

Booking cheap flights to Singapore can also treat you to some adventurous snowy delights and the place for these delights is Snow City. The top lure of Snow City is the huge snowy slope where guests get to throw snowballs and hurtle down this immense slope on a black inner tube. While going on a Snow City tour, many travellers also take the two hour lessons on skiing and snowboarding offered at the Snow Line.


The Ski360° is a fine spot for some exotic water sporting adventures during one’s Singapore holiday. Travellers who want to experience some serious action without being bothered by crowds should visit during weekday mornings as the place is pretty isolated. Sporting options include water skiing, knee boarding, or wakeboarding.

Jungle Trekking

Jungle trekking is also a popular Singapore adventure travel attraction and the most favoured trek is the one to the Bukit Timah Hill. This hill is the highest point in Singapore and offers magnificent sweeping views of the landscape. Rare birds, the country’s last surviving rainforests, insect eating pitcher plants, and flying femurs are some of the fabulous sights to be witnessed on a jungle trek.

Reverse Bungee

The Reverse Bungee experience may well become one of the most sensational parts of Singapore’s tourism sector. One gets to slice up to a height of some 60 metres at the incredible speed of 200 km per hour. Guests also experience a G-force of five, which is akin to what astronauts on rocket launches undergo.

Quite frankly, gambling is an adventure in itself as it involves thrills, excitement and nervousness where you don’t know where you will end up at the end of the day whether it is judi online or blackjack.

Spots: a Unique Gambling Game for Your Home Poker Night

Home poker nights have become very popular in recent years thanks to the popularity of the World Series Of Poker and other poker events on cable television. Here’s a game you can introduce to your group that involves gambling, and is a good change of pace for the evening. The game has some aspects of seven card stud included in it, at least in the way the cards are dealt. Meanwhile it also borrows part of the theme from blackjack. The goal of this game called “40 spots” is to have the closest total to 40 out of your opponents, without going over.

The game as stated above would be dealt in a similar manner to seven card stud poker. Everyone would start out with having two cards dealt to them face down, and one card face up. The trick of the game is not all of the cards will count towards your spot total of 40 and some will give you special options. The only cards that would count toward the total of 40 would be Aces (one spot) through tens (ten spots). Kings, Queens, and Jacks would all give the person who is dealt them a special ability.

If you were dealt a Jack, you had the ability to immediately discard one of your cards from your hand, including your hole cards, so they would not count towards your spot total. If you were dealt a Queen, you would have the ability to discard any face up card from your the hand or any opponent you choose. Finally, if you are dealt a King you could use it to do one of two things. You would put it in front of a face up card in your hand or an opponent’s hand. This would make that face card the negative value of the number instead of the positive. If at some point that face up card was discarded using a queen, both the king and the face up card would be discarded.

Betting would be a little different in this game because of link alternatif Sbobet that is quietly different in comparison to the results of land based casino or gambling clubs; where most of the gameplay are done for the cards game like the poker . There would actually not be betting until the last round when you receive your seventh card as a face down card. Until then, the amount you put into the pot would be determined by the card you were dealt. You would choose three chip values, a low value, middle value, and high value. For the cards A through 3 and 8 through ten the pay into the pot would be the low chip value. For the cards four through seven the pay would be the medium chip. Finally, for the honor cards you would have to pay the largest chip value into the pot. You would have the option to fold at any point that you wished as well and stop receiving cards, but you would be unable to win the hand as well.

This game is sort of unique, as I have designed it to have the play aspects of poker, but the goal similar to blackjack. The reason the low and high spot cards would be the cheapest is they could possibly be the least useful for the player as they could either bust them or keep their total too low. This is a game that is meant as a change of pace for you to play during your poker night with your friends. Give it a shot, and let me know what you think of it. Of course the game can be played without a pot as well, or for point values instead of real money if you prefer to play it on it’s on and not part of a home poker night.