All About Online Gambling Bonuses – How to get them?

An online casino may be definitely called the best invention in the gambling industry in general, as this event changed the life of many gamblers completely. Today almost every player prefers to stay at home and play his favourite games through virtual gambling sites. However, such success was achieved thanks to many factors, where each of them was a real contribution to the development and popularity of online casinos. One of such factors is undoubtedly bonuses, which are offered today almost to all gamblers. What do online gambling bonuses mean? Why are they so profitable and attractive for new and loyal players? Answers to all these questions will be found in this article.

When you first-time register on the online site, then you are provided with the welcome bonuses. You need to pick a site that offers welcome and other bonuses to you. There is a need to check the availability of the same on the fun88 site for the meeting of the needs and requirements.

First of all, it’s necessary to have a clear picture about bonuses and their variety in the web. So online gambling bonuses are some kind of “free” money, given by a casino for different achievements, such as signing up, long play, inviting friends and so on. From the other side it is a very clever trick of online casinos, as with the help of such offer they can not only attract new players, but also keep the loyal ones gambling exactly there. Such tricks are really necessary in the conditions of tough competition. However, everything is not as easy as it sounds, as to get bonuses, it’s necessary to meet some requirements, described in the section of terms and conditions at every gambling site. It happens, because an online gambling site is not ready just to present money to everybody (in this case it’ll go bankrupt), it wants to have an active player, who will bring profit to the site.

Today the variety of online gambling bonuses is really great, and a lot depends on a site you are gambling at. However, there are two major types, which are offered almost in every good online casino, and they are deposit and no deposit ones. No deposit bonus is offered during the registration and its advantage is that you don’t have to send any amount of money to the account. Though it sounds really attractive, the sum of such a bonus is not big and hardly exceeds $25. As for deposit online gambling bonuses, in this case you put a sum of money as the first deposit, and then this sum is increased by a certain number of times. A deposit bonus can be either match or percentage. The sum of a match (fixed) bonus is stated in terms and conditions as well as the sum of a minimum first deposit. In general the amount of a bonus is equal to the deposit. For example, you put $50 and get $50 as a bonus. As for percentage one, then your sum at the account will be increased by 20-50% depending on a gambling site itself.

Sounds really attractive, but the difficulties arise, when you come to cashing these bonuses out. Several years ago everything was simple, but many people caught the idea and started gambling only to get bonuses. They were called bonus-hunters. Today the process of cashing out is not so simple, as it’s necessary to meet some strict requirements. The main idea is that you should increase the sum at the account by a certain number of times. The total sum is called wager, and it can be different in different casinos. In some casinos it’s necessary to increase the sum by 50 times, in another – by 20, and it’s clear that the less the wager, the better. It’s ususally described in terms and conditionds, which have been already mentioned. They should be obligatory carefully studied, as there are so called sticky bonuses, which are absolutely uncashable.

However, deposit and no deposit bonuses are not the only ones existing in online casinos. Besides these common types there are many others, which can also be profitable for players. So it’s possible to come across comp points, which are given for a long game in one and the same casino, refer-a-friend bonuses, given to those, who manage to invite friends. Tournaments, gifts and presents are also quite common in online casinos, and they make the whole process of gambling more diverse and interesting for gamblers. So don’t miss the chance to get bonuses, but be careful with the terms and conditions!

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Lora Fox a creative writer and a tech geek. She is fascinated by the evolution of technology and its integration in the casino industry.