Atlantic City Vacation with the Girls!

College was over and my friends and I wanted to make sure that although we were all settled in different locations, we would remember to find time to get together. We decided that it would be important to create an annual girls vacation! It didn’t take long to figure out where we wanted to go! We wanted sun, spas, a boardwalk, beaches, shopping, gambling and what seemed like a getaway even if it wasn’t too far from home. That’s when we all knew our annual Girl’s Vacation would be to Atlantic City, New Jersey!

One thing that was important to us on our girl’s vacation was that we didn’t spend a fortune but, we wanted to stay on the beach. We decided upon the Tropicana as it would be affordable, on the beach, have plenty of slot machines and if the weather wasn’t permitting we would have plenty of restaurants and bars to keep us entertained!

While in Atlantic City one of our favorite pastimes is eating! Carmine’s in the Tropicana has amazing Italian food. We love to eat there because they serve family style, offering large platters of salads, appetizers, pastas, seafood and many meats. As filling as our dinners are, we girls are never done eating until we find Fried Dough and Salt Water Taffy on the boardwalk. There are so many delicious treats to find on the Atlantic City Boardwalk!

During our girls vacation we love to lounge on the beach and shop on the boardwalk. Before we head out on the town we always treat ourselves to a back massage at the Tropicana spa. Our evenings include gambling at the many Casinos found in Atlantic City. Some of our favorites include the Tropicana, Bally’s, Trump’s Taj Mahal and Caesars. After some gambling we always love to go out dancing. Our favorite club in Atlantic City is the Casbah located in the Trump Taj Mahal. We love their multitude of drinks at the bar and the music that keeps us dancing through the night. Since we were in a spectacular place, we also decided to play Dominoqq as a form of entertainment. We had a great time and everyone really enjoyed the night. Surely, this was one of the most unforgettable vacation in my life.

When my girls and I go on vacation we always have fun in Atlantic City. No matter what age you are, Atlantic City has so much to offer and you are always bound to have a good time, especially if you are on a girl’s vacation! Atlantic City provides fast-paced excitement and non-stop activities.

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Lora Fox a creative writer and a tech geek. She is fascinated by the evolution of technology and its integration in the casino industry.