Carbon Poker For Android – How to play the gambling games!!

Carbon Poker is part of the excellent Merge Network. A large online poker network that operates primarily in the US, but is available all around the globe. Carbon Poker is a medium sized online poker room. On average there are 5000 to 6000 players online, so the tables are always full.

Carbon Poker now also has the honour of launching it’s first real money android poker app. As of this moment the poker app, which is available in the US, is at the end of its test face, but you can already use it. With your Carbon Poker account you can log in and start playing no-limit Texas Hold’em. The app doesn’t offer any other games for now, but we are already very excited that it’s available in the US.

The app is browser based, so you can play it on every device. In order to play it on your android device you have to use the Google Chrome browser. Carbon Poker has made sure you can play on this browser.

Game play and usability:

Carbon poker for android offers you good game play and usability. Carbon has taken a lot of effort to ensure that their android poker app is accessible even on smaller devices. As mentioned before you need to use the Google Chrome browser. If you do you can experience some excellent android poker. As of now the app only allows you to play one table at the time. The app is very new, so we expect this to improve in the near feature.

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The first US poker app also has some excellent game play. All the cards, betting amounts, pot size and the players’ bankrolls are made large, so it’s easy to see on your mobile device. The only thing we’re not really keen on is the betting slide. You use this to increase or decrease your betting amount. It’s sometime a bit hard to get the correct amount. Besides that, this android poker app is very easy to use.

How to play at Carbon Poker for android

To start playing at the first real money U.S. poker app you need to follow a few easy steps:

If you don’t have a Carbon account you first need to register at Carbon Poker Send an e-mail to and ask them to grand you access to the real money US poker app If you have done so, excess the browser (Google Chrome is adviced) on your phone or tablet and visit the following website: or you can scan the QR-code Sign in with your password and user name and you can start playing poker on your android device in the U.S (or any other country)!


We are very happy to say that we’re really content with the first real money US poker app. We would like to see some more function, like a multi-table function or some more games, like Omaha, but this is an excellent start. Carbon Poker did an excellent job on the fist US poker app.

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Lora Fox a creative writer and a tech geek. She is fascinated by the evolution of technology and its integration in the casino industry.