Atlantic City Vacation with the Girls!

College was over and my friends and I wanted to make sure that although we were all settled in different locations, we would remember to find time to get together. We decided that it would be important to create an annual girls vacation! It didn’t take long to figure out where we wanted to go! We wanted sun, spas, a boardwalk, beaches, shopping, gambling and what seemed like a getaway even if it wasn’t too far from home. That’s when we all knew our annual Girl’s Vacation would be to Atlantic City, New Jersey!

One thing that was important to us on our girl’s vacation was that we didn’t spend a fortune but, we wanted to stay on the beach. We decided upon the Tropicana as it would be affordable, on the beach, have plenty of slot machines and if the weather wasn’t permitting we would have plenty of restaurants and bars to keep us entertained!

While in Atlantic City one of our favorite pastimes is eating! Carmine’s in the Tropicana has amazing Italian food. We love to eat there because they serve family style, offering large platters of salads, appetizers, pastas, seafood and many meats. As filling as our dinners are, we girls are never done eating until we find Fried Dough and Salt Water Taffy on the boardwalk. There are so many delicious treats to find on the Atlantic City Boardwalk!

During our girls vacation we love to lounge on the beach and shop on the boardwalk. Before we head out on the town we always treat ourselves to a back massage at the Tropicana spa. Our evenings include gambling at the many Casinos found in Atlantic City. Some of our favorites include the Tropicana, Bally’s, Trump’s Taj Mahal and Caesars. After some gambling we always love to go out dancing. Our favorite club in Atlantic City is the Casbah located in the Trump Taj Mahal. We love their multitude of drinks at the bar and the music that keeps us dancing through the night. Since we were in a spectacular place, we also decided to play Dominoqq as a form of entertainment. We had a great time and everyone really enjoyed the night. Surely, this was one of the most unforgettable vacation in my life.

When my girls and I go on vacation we always have fun in Atlantic City. No matter what age you are, Atlantic City has so much to offer and you are always bound to have a good time, especially if you are on a girl’s vacation! Atlantic City provides fast-paced excitement and non-stop activities.

What is Rake and Rakeback? How Can it Make Me a Winning Poker Player?

If you are a regular or even casual poker player, you should be aware of the term “rake”. For those that are new to poker, “rake” is the money deducted from the pot by the casino or poker site for hosting the game. In tournaments the rake is paid upfront. For example you may notice the buy-in for a tournament is $10+$1 making it a total buy-in of $11 for that tournament. In this case, the extra $1 is paid to the house and the $10 goes towards the prize pool. The rake for a cash game is usually between 3-5% of the pot, with a maximum rake of $3-$4. This rake is how the casino or poker site makes money.

This means that in order to become a winning poker player, you must not only beat the other players, but you also have to beat the rake. As an incentive to attract players poker affiliates began offering what is called, “rakeback” to their players. Rakeback is a refund given to poker players according to the amount of rake paid out. A normal rakeback offer is usually between 20 and 30 percent. Payments vary from site to site, and players can be paid daily, weekly, or monthly.

Rakeback is gives poker players a huge advantage and ultimately increases their chances of being a winning poker player. The added income from rakeback helps to cover losing poker sessions. This is vital in order to build a good poker bankroll. If you play online poker regularly and are not currently taking advantage of a rakeback offer, you are missing out on earning a lot of extra cash.

Though rakeback offers were started by poker affiliates, rakeback offers are now offered by the poker room. Well, if earning this extra cash is so easy, why aren’t all poker players receiving rakeback? Many online poker rooms, including the top ones, do not offer rakeback to their players. Those that do give rakeback, often only offer rakeback to new players. So, if you are already have an account at an online poker room and aren’t receiving rakeback, you will not have the opportunity to do so.

There are no downsides to receiving rakeback. If a poker player can earn extra money, that they normally would not receive, what is holding them back? For many reasons of their own, poker players do not want to switch online poker rooms in order to take advantage of rakeback. This is somewhat confusing, because isn’t the goal of poker to make money? Sure, it is a means of entertainment and many play online poker to learn the game, but why not make extra money in the process. Rakeback offers can ultimately turn a losing poker player into a winning poker player. As such, when playing poker, it is really advisable to carefully consider all the factors and be strategic. It is all about having the right strategy and at the same time, knowing how to control your emotions. You should never let your opponent know what you are thinking.


How other players see you at the poker table is extremely important. Many players don’t pay enough attention to this. Professional players adjust to the game, but most of us do not have the experience to do this successfully. If you can master changing your presence, you will be more successful in the long run. Poker is a game of runs, when your on one, you want to maximize you winnings.

There are many styles of players, you will need to be the player who changes styles from time to time to be successful. Combine the styles and you can be a winning player. You won’t always win, but you will win more than you lose.


Casual players sit down at a table to play cards. They play lots of hands, and eventually lose lots of them. They are playing cards not poker. Good players take their time, play only premium hands, and win most of the hands they become involved in. Win a few big hands, and your put yourself in a position to win a tournament. Winning a lot of small hands keeps you in the game, but eventually you will lose the big hand. This gets you a nice spot with a good view from the rail.


Players who only play the best of hands. These players only play hands where they have great starting cards. Large pocket pairs, Ace King, Ace Queen, Ace Jack, Ace Ten. The problem with this is you may not get enough of them to keep from being short stacked. When you get short stacked, you end up going all in and being out drawn by a lessor hand. Not a playing style you can profit with.


Players who only play good to premium hands, but hammer the pot when they do play. This will run the lessor hands out, but eventually a lessor hand will draw out and you will lose a large portion of your stack. Creating the need to push all in and getting beat.


Players who play any two cards. They bet from any position on the table, and pay no attention to who is in the hand. Every game needs these players, most of the money won will come from them. They normally talk a good game but don’t play one.


Players that play most of the hands when they are in good position on the table. These players mix in enough bluffs, and show them, just to keep you off balance. These players will often make deep runs in games, seldom winning the whole thing.


These are you best players and your worst nightmare. They will play aggressive when they have premium hands, taking lots of pots. They will mix in a good position bluff from time to time. They will change their game from blind to blind level to keep you off balance. More than anything they will watch the other players and recognize what kind of player they are, then use it against them. If your passive, they will hammer you, if your aggressive they will check raise you. These players win cash in most tournaments they play.

If your going to play in poker tournaments, watch the other players, learn how they are playing and use it to your advantage. Remember how they bet, when they bet, when they check. Knowing these things will help you make better decisions. Winning a tournament is about winning the last hand not the first hand, or most hands. It is about putting yourself in a position to win the tournament. For further information, a visit can be made at site to get the desired results. The use and management of the hands will be done in the right way. The decision of the person should be great to meet the specifications

What Are The Common Mistakes Occurs While Playing Poker And How To Play Like A Pro?

It is quite interesting as well as exciting to visit casinos for playing poker and other gambling games. If you want to become a professional by playing poker games, then it is important for you to go through all the rules and regulations wisely. Becoming a pro player is not difficult until unless you acknowledge all the tricks. There are several games available in the gambling field, and it is not mandatory for you to go through all the games. You can choose any game according to your choice and build strategies so that you can win the game. If you want to make your mark, then there are some mistakes that occur while playing the game. And it is important for you to ignore then so that you can easily concentrate on your game for playing and winning good cash money. 

Why visiting a casino is more interesting rather than playing online?

Basically, you can also consider an online method for playing these games and considering situs judi online, but visiting a casino is exciting. As a reason, all the things inside a casino are designed in such a way that it makes the player excited as well as attracted. 

Some common mistakes to avoid while playing poker:

If you want to become a professional in the field of gambling games, then it is important for you to avoid some common and basic mistakes such as:

  • Do not drink while visiting a casino.
  • Make sure that you have acknowledged all the rules and terms before playing the game.
  • Do not become over-excited before your game. 

The above listed are some of the common mistakes one needs to avoid while playing poker games. Consider them wisely so that you can ignore them for playing casino games.

Spots: a Unique Gambling Game for Your Home Poker Night

Home poker nights have become very popular in recent years thanks to the popularity of the World Series Of Poker and other poker events on cable television. Here’s a game you can introduce to your group that involves gambling, and is a good change of pace for the evening. The game has some aspects of seven card stud included in it, at least in the way the cards are dealt. Meanwhile it also borrows part of the theme from blackjack. The goal of this game called “40 spots” is to have the closest total to 40 out of your opponents, without going over.

The game as stated above would be dealt in a similar manner to seven card stud poker. Everyone would start out with having two cards dealt to them face down, and one card face up. The trick of the game is not all of the cards will count towards your spot total of 40 and some will give you special options. The only cards that would count toward the total of 40 would be Aces (one spot) through tens (ten spots). Kings, Queens, and Jacks would all give the person who is dealt them a special ability.

If you were dealt a Jack, you had the ability to immediately discard one of your cards from your hand, including your hole cards, so they would not count towards your spot total. If you were dealt a Queen, you would have the ability to discard any face up card from your the hand or any opponent you choose. Finally, if you are dealt a King you could use it to do one of two things. You would put it in front of a face up card in your hand or an opponent’s hand. This would make that face card the negative value of the number instead of the positive. If at some point that face up card was discarded using a queen, both the king and the face up card would be discarded.

Betting would be a little different in this game because of link alternatif Sbobet that is quietly different in comparison to the results of land based casino or gambling clubs; where most of the gameplay are done for the cards game like the poker . There would actually not be betting until the last round when you receive your seventh card as a face down card. Until then, the amount you put into the pot would be determined by the card you were dealt. You would choose three chip values, a low value, middle value, and high value. For the cards A through 3 and 8 through ten the pay into the pot would be the low chip value. For the cards four through seven the pay would be the medium chip. Finally, for the honor cards you would have to pay the largest chip value into the pot. You would have the option to fold at any point that you wished as well and stop receiving cards, but you would be unable to win the hand as well.

This game is sort of unique, as I have designed it to have the play aspects of poker, but the goal similar to blackjack. The reason the low and high spot cards would be the cheapest is they could possibly be the least useful for the player as they could either bust them or keep their total too low. This is a game that is meant as a change of pace for you to play during your poker night with your friends. Give it a shot, and let me know what you think of it. Of course the game can be played without a pot as well, or for point values instead of real money if you prefer to play it on it’s on and not part of a home poker night.