How to make money in tag poker?

Making it into stage three means that you have made it into the Tagpoker Top Team. It’s certainly not easy becoming part of the Top Team but for those that are willing to show me that you are prepaird to make the effort then in return I will stake you with my own money and personally mentor you up to the higher stakes games where you can actually play for a living.

As well as being a success in stages 1 and 2 you will have to be a very active part of the Tagpoker forum and show a willingness to help out the newer members improve their game in a friendly manor.

This isn’t just about money, this is about developing a relationship and building the very best heads up sit and go community that the world has ever seen so be sure to give every part of your journey 100% effort from playing, learning, keeping your bankroll threads updated, being polite to other members to being punctual and professional.

Guys in my personal team will be looked upto by future members as well as feard players in the mid stakes and together we will make a lot of money.

The Tagpoker Top Team is a hand picked team of the best low stakes players on Tagpoker. These guys will be coached, staked and mentored by Brokerstar and Borg (Crushed_ice1).

Poker Online has never been better as it gives you a good training session for preparing for tag poker and is one of the best options to go for trying a big round game in the long run which is a prerequisite for every player to have and one that adds a huge advantage to the entire game.

They will be taken from the micro all the way up to the higher stakes games under expert supervision. It’s going to be no easy task though and there are no free lunches on this site as these guys will have to work super hard and put in a huge commitment to remain in the Tagpoker Top Team.

Find out who’s made the team as well as what you will have to do in order to be considered. This is an interactive poker school and as such we have just added a new Poker Forum where you can go to talk to us and other members about any part of the poker school or (and more importantly) your own poker problems. You can discuss hands played and tricky spots you find yourself in where you simply don’t know what the best move may be. We’ll be doing all that we can to help you understand the best ways to make money in the games that you’re playing.

The training videos and poker lessons are a great start for aspiring players but talking to other up and coming or winning players in the poker school forum will really speed up your learning curve. There is no such thing as a silly question so go to the poker forums and say hi today. The 100 Club or Tagpoker hall of fame is where some of Tagpokers most accomplished students of the game have been recognised for their achievements so far.

They are players that like most of us started out grinding the micro stakes games and went on to build a solid bankroll and can now be found playing in heads up SNG’s of $100 and above.

Getting into the 100 Club isn’t only about playing well it’s also because these players that have cracked it are so willing to share their knowledge with everyone else on here and help struggling members. 100 Club

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