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It goes without saying, that all new & seasoned players want to master how to play blackjack and win. But if blackjack was ever a fair game, like “tossing a coin”, both the casino as well as the player would have the same probability of winning. On average, nobody would lose money after an infinite number of rounds.

To simplify the argument, suppose that we reflect on a completely fair game, which never happens in casino games, such as blackjack. In most situations, the casino always has an advantage. Indeed, one can consider that in relation to an individual player, the casino is infinitely rich. That’s where it gets its advantage in a balanced game.

For example, if a casino is losing 100 times in a row, it can overcome its losses in the following games, since within the infinite, losses and gains should be balanced. Contrarily, when a player loses 100 games in a row, that often means the exhaustion of the chip stack, and thus an inability to continue to try to recover the amounts lost. The playing of the games is there at Pkv Games with the skills of the players. The bank balance of the people in increased to meet with the requirements. The rankings and ratings can be checked to have massive bonuses and rewards at the platform. 

In an equal probability game, because the casino is infinitely rich compared to a player, all the probabilities of winning tend to on the side of the casino. The solution is for the player to stop playing when a minimum gain is generated (e.g. as soon as they reached 115% of the original amount, a gain of 15%).

The casinos offer exclusively unbalanced games where the casino is mathematically more likely to win than the players. To know how to play blackjack and win, you must be aware of this house advantage. If the casino advantage on a given game is 2%, this means that on average, 2% of everything that happens on the mat goes into the pocket of the casino. It only remains to do a lot of publicity to get the maximum of players, or encourage them to make significant bets.

Game in favor of the casino

The rules of blackjack have been defined so that the casino has a slight advantage. According to the rules applied and the number of games played, this advantage may vary. If the player has a probability x to win, the casino has a probability 1-x. The casino ends the rules so that x is less than 50%.

For example, suppose that the benefit is 2% in favor of the casino. This means that in 100 games played, the casino will beat the player 51 to 49. If the player bet $10 and he has something to wager on each round (i.e. he is not bankrupt before the end of 100 games), he finds himself at the end with 49 times “double his stake” ($20), that is to say $980. He has lost $20, 2% of his initial capital.

Take advantage of the casino.

The main objective of the casino player is to move from the situation where the game is to his disadvantage into a balanced game, or better still, a game to his advantage. It is important to know where is the advantage within casino blackjack. It is as if in a game of heads or tails, the casino had analyzed the coin, and bet on heads or tails, knowing which side is probably the most worn and thus the lighter (and therefore more likely to know which should prevail).

Thorp has proposed a method known as the card counting (see blackjack counting cards strategy). It is very important to understand what card counting actually is. It does not have an inherent advantage for the user, but it is a way to obtain additional information and adapt your playing decisions based on that information.

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