Level Up Poker Making Waves

Adding features is one thing and changing the structure of the online casino game is another. Many years ago Microgaming changed how video poker on 샌즈카지노 was played, by introducing Power Poker that featured multi hand play. Now Microgaming has introduced Level Up Poker. Though only three months old and with only three games in its suite Level Up Poker is making waves at all Microgaming online casinos.

Unlike in Power Poker where all hands are played simultaneously and paid out at the same rate, Level Up Poker features sequential play of hands with increasingly multiplied payouts. The present set of Level Up Poker games have four levels and hence the player’s total bet is four times the line bet and is collected upfront. The first level hand is dealt and played as in normal online video poker games. If the player fails to reach a winning rank he loses the total bet. But if he gets any winning hand he is paid as per the specified payout of that hand and moves to the next level. A fresh complete deck is used for each level. At level two if he loses the game ends but if he draws a winning combination he is paid out at two times the specified payout ratio. And then he moves to level three. If he loses the game ends but if he draws a winning combination he is paid out at four times the specified payout ratio and he moves to the last level. A winning hand at the last level results in a payout of eight times the specified payout ratio. With a line bet of 5 coins a royal flush in level four will payout 32,000 coins.

And if you think winning four times in a row is unlikely then Microgaming has made it easier. Players randomly draw Free Ride Cards and then they can progress to the next level even without a winning hand. And if you are not happy with your loot at the end of level four again Microgaming comes to the rescue. There is a gamble feature in which if the player draws a higher card than the dealer he wins extra credits.

The first Level Up Poker game to be introduced was Jacks or Better in August 2008. This features the standard Jacks or Better payout table that starts with a pair of jacks as the lowest winning combination. Deuces Wild Level Up Poker followed soon. In this game the deuces act as wild cards and can replace any card in order to create a winning combination. To neutralize this immense advantage to the player the payouts start with three of a kind. The latest game in this series is Aces and Faces Level Up Poker. The payout begins with a pair of jacks but there are enhanced payouts for four of a kind aces and face cards.

All three Level Up Poker games can be played in Microgaming online casinos like Platinum Play, Jackpot City and Roxy Palace.

The online casino is a huge market for profits, and it could lead to a lot of negative effects like addiction and bad debts. It can be done from any place and all you need is money and a stable internet connection. Make sure to keep your family informed of your dealings so it does not affect the family adversely eventually and hamper relationships.

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