Poker Buddies With Benefits

A Tarot room is a small room full of card playing. Hank was once a married man. He is now homeless. Hank got kicked out of the house by his wife because he thought she had a crazy disease. He decided to tell her crazy was not for him. All of Hank’s Sakongkiu poker buddies joined him at the Tarot room. He stayed at their house whenever he could. His buddies never saw anything like the Tarot card tricks. The Tarot reader had card tricks up her sleeve for them to make a small fortune. They knew they could really crack the code and create magic at the poker table. Healing angels were turned to aces and spades that really fooled the mind.

These men thought they were just seeing things.

They left the Tarot reader a pretty dime and thanked her for their reading. She saw many dimes their way. Hank started to get trailed everywhere by dimes. He would pick them up and put them in his pocket. He went to buy cocoa one day at the gas station next door to the Tarot room. It was a very cold day. Hank used sympathy to get money from people. Hank did a great job schmoozing people as a bum. He went back next door and schmoozed the poor old Tarot lady for more card tricks for poker.

Hank heard of the march of dimes but he did not hear of getting followed by a trail of dimes and posing as a bum for a small fortune. He still went from house to house with his poker buddies. Hank was told to stay away from meat. He was told a beautiful Vegan would come his way. His buddies poked fun of him and made bean jokes.

They were repulsive.

It gave them smelly gas that made the gasoline at the gas station smell good. When the Tarot card reader told Hank she did not poke fun of Vegans he told her she was crazy too. He left and made a small fortune off of a deck of cards and schmoozed people at the gas station. He loved his life as a bum on the couch of poker houses. Hank was full of magical dimes and never forgot his Tarot card reader’s crazy chimes.

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Lora Fox a creative writer and a tech geek. She is fascinated by the evolution of technology and its integration in the casino industry.