Popular Types Of Bets In Craps

The game of craps has many different types of bets that you can take part in such as the field bet, the come bets, the buy bet, the place bet, Big 6 and 8, and Hardway bets. There are other bets as well that can be made in addition to those which include any craps, any 7, craps 2, craps 3, craps 12, and the infamous Yo Eleven (Yo 11). One particular type of bet is the field bet. Even after going through this article, you feel like you are not comfortable with the rules of craps, you can check out Judi Bola Online and see for yourself what this game is all about.

Field bets are typically very visible on a craps table. While other bets may be hard to detect, the field bet is basically a one-roll bet. This is defined by the craps player taking one roll of the dice in order to win. This is done inside the area that is marked as a field. There are seven numbers in that field. If any of the seven numbers is rolled after the casino player places a chip within the field, that player wins. To place this bet, set the desired casino chips number in the field and hope the craps shooter rolls one of those seven numbers. The seven numbers are the 2, the 3, the 4, the 9, the 10, the 11, or a 12. The bet is given as even money. In other words, you win whatever you have a bet. If you bet $1, you win $1; and if you bet $500, you win $500. Some online casinos may pay double for the 2 and tripe for the 12. It is essential to check with the online casino to see what payouts they give craps players. Even though casino players can play a field bet, one of the most popular bets is the come bet.

The come bet and the don’t come bets are two of the more misunderstood bets on the craps table. They are quite similar to the Pass/Don’t Pass Line bets, however. To perform this particular bet, you have to place your craps chips within the area that is designated as come or don’t come. This bet must be done, though, following a point number being established and after the craps shooter has rolled. If the craps shooter rolls an additional point number, then the deal will take your wager to the top of the come/don’t come layout where the points numbers are noted. At this point, your casino chips are on a different number. If you have a pass line bet that is happening at the same time, then you in effect have two different numbers in play on the craps table.

It is important to remember that placing a casino chip in the come bet area and either a 7 or an 11 are rolled, then you win; but if a 2, a 3, or a 12 are rolled then you lose your wager. Craps players enjoy both the come bet and don’t come bets even though they are often misunderstood, because more times than not they have more than one bet on the craps table at a time.

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