True Or Virtual Roulette Is There A Difference

On the Internet, a lot of materials about the real work of roulette. And do not say is not just the probability of a certain number, but also the most common comments players. Which is not odd to divide into such groups:

The first group does not reject any logical reasoning, but simply bets based on the rates made by the other players. This may be either an oral duplication of rates or vice versa, the absolute opposite. The second group of players, regardless of external factors, always makes it absolutely unpredictable and in different ways. Hoping only luck and what is the feeling of the bowel, which is usually not the same as what happens at the table.


Finally, the third group of players always make deliberate bets based on some strategies or observations.

As you have guessed, even now casino puppets are certainly not interested, as the chances are minimal, and even if they are lucky, then, after a short period of time, they remain with nothing and lose everything. And now I will give up all the unnecessary and will consider the last group that tries, in a way, but to evaluate the situation and to do more or less intentional actions.

For years, the players sat at the tables with a tape and looked, computed, and considered carefully. And for all this time, not only hundreds of betting systems were born, but also the so-called justified logical statements, Dominoqq here will provide you a complete list of all these different strategies and logics. 

If two or more times in succession, the ball stopped on the cells, including about the same field (number of cells), throw the next one he can perform a given step again and stay in the cell with a precision of 1-2 cells.

Do not throw the probability of falling numbers on the opposite side of the wheel.

When double occurs, there is a high probability that the next time the ball stops in the range of 11-14 cells in it. Some players claim that most of these cells will be clockwise to double.

In a real casino, there are cells or groups of cells nearby on the wheel, in which the ball most often touches the ball. All of this is linked even with minimal inconsistencies, such as the surface on which the table is and the wheel itself. It is worth mentioning that this judgment works quite the opposite. I mean, the wheel has cells in which the ball almost never stops.

Balls can fall on the same equally good bet no more than 3-5 times in a row. I mean, after five red cells in a row, black is likely to give up. Although some players say there is even a series of 15 red blood cells in a row. So this statement is not very logical and how you do not even want to talk, it all comes back to luck.

This list can be continued for a very long time, but what do you want to reduce everything? Namely, the fact that virtual roulette in an online casino complies with almost the same rules. And thousands of examples given by different players prove this. Not only did she track the virtual wheel, but it also made money on it. So sometimes you do not need to reinvent the wheel, just use the tips that have already been set for years of trial and error.

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Lora Fox a creative writer and a tech geek. She is fascinated by the evolution of technology and its integration in the casino industry.