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The slot machine is a casino game that is completely American in origin. The first computer was pioneered by Charles Fey in 1897 with the Liberty engine. This machine had three reels with symbols that had a 3:1 payout for nickel. By 1899 he had a machine, the coin tray of a dividend payout ratio would be a distraction. To appear the next machine, the machine was Mills. Slots were all the rage during Prohibition and the Depression. When gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931, took the slot of its own. Today, modern casinos have thousands of slot machines. Walk into any casino, you will see row after row of slot machines.

The slot machine comprises a cabinet that houses all of its parts. The player watches the reels as they spin. Since the rollers to stop moving, one after the other, the pattern of symbols. If the pattern with a pattern on the display payout, the player wins the coins to win and come tumbling into the payout tray. If not, he puts in another coin, pulling on the handle or hits the play button, and try again. The roles have Mylar strips around them as the symbols on them. The greater the number of symbols on the strip, the less chance of winning players. Each role has certain places where to stop it. These places are called steps or stops. The modern, computer-controlled machine has 128 stations and 2,097,152 possible outcomes, with each role, the stop is determined by a random generator. There is no way to predict the outcome of a slot pull. The computerized chip in the machine, called the payout chip. This chip is programmed to determine the payout rate over the life of the machine. If the slot has a 95% payout rate means that the house has 5% of every dollar that is played over the long term.

The service light or candle in on the upper side of the machine. The player presses the Change button to activate the light, and a member of the casino operator will be displayed. The player uses this key when he needs to change, has a question, want to drink something, etc. This light begins to flash automatically when the machine has a technical problem or if there is a winner. Never walk away from a machine that has a winner on it or you can not prove it’s your winner. Always a member of the staff to come wait with the payment.

When the player looks at the roles to himself, he sees the payoff line. This is the line where the symbols must compete. The number of lines depends on the game payout. Some games have a payout line, some have three, some have nine. These will be marked on the glass above the reels. These curves show the combination of symbols that have resulted from the pull, either with the slot machine handle or the play button. The machine will display them on the payment. This is either on the top glass or belly of his glass. The upper glass is square or round glass below the light and service on the slot reels. The belly glass is among the rolling and before the payment box. The payout display shows all the winning combination of symbols and the amount of the payout. If the machine is a multi-coin machine, it is the payout for each coin played show.

You can use the device by placing a coin into the coin slot and then pulling the handle or press the play button to play. If you do not want to give a coin every time you use $ 10 or $ 20 or whatever amount you want to play by the bill acceptor and the credits. The machine has a total credits on the screen shows you the total amount of loans you have. If you bet it is an indication that credits Played the number of coins you bet shows on the pull. If you decide to stop playing, press the button and the payout number of coins that will display total credits to be emptied into the coin tray.

Before each game, there will be an insert coin light. You must include one or more coins into the coin entry before you can play the machine. If you have credits on your computer, you can use a coin for the appropriate number of coins you want to play, or you can push play Max Bet. If you are playing a machine up to three coins, this will automatically bet, the three coins. If you win on the play, the number of coins won in the Winner Paid Display appears. If an error code is displayed anywhere on the screen which means you need the help of casino employees, because the machine has a malfunction. The candle should be flashing service automatically. If this is not the case, press the Change button, and a representative will come.

Make sure you play the corresponding coin that the machine requires. If you deposit a coin in the coin entry is the coin on the coin Compariator. The device compares the inserted coin with the coin of the machine is required. For example, if you are playing a quarter machine, there is a U.S. quarter coin in the compariator that every coin inserted in the comparison. If it does not match, the machine will not play. The same is true for tokens. That’s why you can not take from casino to casino chips to play the slots.

There are a variety of different games that you play on slots. Some are very simple, with a coin payout line, some are very similar to progressives and multiple payout lines complicated. Make sure you know the rules of the game you play by practicing on Kayabola and other trusted sites. You will be given on the machine display somewhere. If you do not know, ask a member of the casino employees. There is no worse feeling than sitting there asking, why you

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