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Rummy Variations

Rummy 500 is a popular card game–and like any popular game, it has spawned several rummy variations to the main set of rules. Here are a few of the more fun ones that are available for all the players on situs dominoqq.


This is actually so popular that many people think it’s one of the main Rummy rules, even though it’s not. In this variation, as soon as a player discards a card and someone else discovers that it can actually be laid off of someone’s sequence or group, that other player says, “Rummy!” The player who is first to say “Rummy” then gets to play that card to his own advantage. If nobody says “Rummy” before the next person discards, then that opportunity is lost.


There have been a few alterations in the scoring systems that have become popular. For instance, you can turn the game into a speedier version by making all aces worth 15 points, whether high or low. Along the same lines, you can make all aces worth 25 points. A third variation is to have all aces at their standard score of 15 points unless the same player has all four of them. He then gets 100 for them (25 for each).


Some people like to play Rummy with the Joker. It’s worth 15 points and is a wild card. This means it can be any card, even if the card has been played already. However, when a person plays the joker, he must tell which card it is, and it must stay that throughout the hand.


In this variation, a player must discard on the turn in which he goes out. So, if someone has two 3’s and he draws another, he can’t go out until he first discards.


This is played similarly to the regular game, but there are two teams of two. Players can play their own series or can play off of each other. At the end of each hand, the score is figured up for the two partnerships rather than for each individual player.


In this version, both jokers are used, and each is worth 20 points. However, it can’t be used as a white card. Rather, it can only be used as a “set” of jokers, just like you would play a set of 4’s or aces.


This is a way to turn the game into a very fast, very quickly-completed version. The gameplay goes as usual, except that the game is done after two deals. Whoever is ahead at the end of each deal receives 50 points for that hand. And the person ahead at the end of the two deals wins the game.


In this variation, winning requires that you both get rid of all of your cards and that you have a score of 500 for the entire game. What this means is that even once you go over 500 points, if you were not the first player to get rid of your cards, you still don’t win, until you’ve played a hand in which you’re the first one to go out.

See anything here that you think you’d enjoy? Then find a couple of other players and give ‘em a try!

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