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Festival Casino – BlackJack Blackjack is a play that probably holds its origin of 16 ième century the French play, the blackjack (20 and 1), from where its other name “21”. It took the English name of BlackJack because a player who would hold the Ace of Spade (i.e. a Spade Black) and the Knave of spades as the first two charts would be paid by extra, and the taste of the players for the rhymes took the top. The goal of the play is to approach 21 without exceeding it. To play you can visit nha cai casino 188 lo to.

The players must place their bet in the center of the circle of the settings which faces them on the table. The croupier (dealer) pick then two charts, discoveries, with each player like two with him even, a hidden discovery and the other. Our play of Black Jack is a play with several hands; meaning to say that you can play three hands at the same time. Place simply the settings in the circles of bets on each side of the central seat if you wish to play of the additional hands. That makes the play more interesting and increases your chances to gain. Value of the Charts:

Kings, Queen, Jack, and 10 counts each one for 10.

The Ace counts 1 or 11, as the player wishes it.

All the other charts count for the posted number (from 2 to 9) Points:

If the first two drawn charts are an Ace and one 10, this player has BlackJack and will be paid one and half his bet (3 per 2) unless the “dealer” has also Black Jack in which case, it is Push (the bet is not paid, nor validated). All the other gaining hands are paid 1 per 1. BlackJack will gain over a total of points from “21”. For example, an Ace and one 10 will gain out of one 10,5,6. Even if in both cases, the total is “21”, it is Blackjack which will gains. A player who does not have Black Jack must continue to draw from the charts in order to approach total points “21” without exceeding the “21”. He is free to choose to keep his play constantly (STAND for GUARD) or to ask another chart (HIT- to translate CHART) since the total is lower than “21”. If the player goes to beyond de”21″, it is said that it “bust” and loses his bet. The “dealer” must draw a chart on a total lower or equal to 16. The “Dealer” must remain (Stand) on a total equal to or higher than 17. TERMINOLOGY OF THE BLACKJACK AND CONTROLS OF THE PLAY BET:

Put a certain number of tokens in the circle of the bets. RE-BET:

Setting the same number of tokens that in gives preceding, in the circle of the bets. DEAL:

Play a hand of Black Jack for the setting placed in the circle of the bets. While clicking on “DEAL”, the play starts and the bet is validated for pulling. HIT (CHART):

Request an additional chart. STAND:

Do not take an additional chart. SPLIT (TO DIVIDE):

The player will add a stake similar to the initial stake and will separate the first two charts in two different hands. For that, the two charts must be the same value (ex: a pair of 8, a king and a queen, etc.) For the hands which were separated, an Ace and a 10 is equivalent to “21” and not in Black Jack, in other words, you will not be paid 3 per 2, but you will beat the bank if it holds 20 points or less. In the same way, after having separated two Aces, the player will not draw that a chart for each Ace. DOUBLE:

The button “DOUBLE” will be activated after two charts are distributed to each hand. The player who is trustful and estimates that its hand will gain can double his setting in order to gain twice while clicking on “DOUBLE”. The amount of their initial setting will be doubled automatically and the player will receive an additional chart exactly. Of course, you cannot double on Black Jack because you will receive an add-on card then and you will exceed the total of 21. INSURE (INSURANCE):

When the highest chart of the “Dealer” is an Ace, players have the possibility of buying “insurance” before continuing to play. The insurance represents an addition of one and a half amount of the initial bet. The player buys insurance when he thinks that the hidden chart of the Dealer is worth 10. If the Dealer has Blackjack then bet “INSURANCE” pays to 2 for 1. If the dealer does not have Black Jack, bet “INSURANCE” is losing and the play continues normally. PASS:

Does not accept the insurance offered on this hand. If PASS is clicked and that the Dealer has Black Jack, the player loses his original bet, and the play finishes (unless the Player also holds Black Jack and in this case, it is a Push). If the Dealer then does not have Black Jack the play continues normally.

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